How To Make A Website Using HTML CSS And JavaScript Step By Step | Website Design Tutorial

Learn How To Make A Website Using HTML CSS And JavaScript Step By Step | Website Design Tutorial #WebDesign #WebDevelopment

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Here in this video, you will learn how to make this website design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At the top there is a navigation bar with logo and navigation menu. Website’s background looks very nice because of angle shape and gradient color.
Then i have added one phone image on this website and near that image there is an icon, title and small text which display one of the features of this phone. This click and rotate function is made using very simple JavaScript that i will teach in this video.
You will learn to make this complete design in this video step by step, So don’t skip this video and keep watching till the end.

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How to make complete website using HTML and CSS

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  1. Bro please explain how to create a responsive social media web site
    Using html css javascript and sql or plsql

  2. Using HTML CSS and JavaScript step by step for website design this tutorial was so simple and good. Thanks for sharing your valuable words.

  3. its really helpful but its more helpful if you also tell where and why the tag is used………thanks to you😁

  4. Great video and really helpful but in the future please slow down. It is very hard to keep up with the tutorial. It is still amazing tho and it looks really cool

  5. Comzider designed a website for my company and it’s amazing, helped in bringing more sales. i love it so much👌😊

  6. circle not forming in below css, ,am I missing something ?


    width: 1000px;

    height: 10000px;

    position: absolute;

    top: 0;

    left: 0;

    border-radius: 50%;

    background: #cf0c;


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