How to make Free website+domain+host (without coding) – Google Sites Sinhala Part 01

Do you have a problem of how to make a website?

Google Sites will gives you attractive custom design websites for free. It is Completely free from domains,hosting charges.Google Sites Templates easily make your website.
කෝඩින් දැනුමක් නැතුව ලේසියෙන් ඔයාගේම website එකක් හදාගන්න ලේසිම ක්‍රමේ තමයි මේ Google Sites කියන්නේ. මෙකෙදි කිසිම වියදමක් යන්නෑ මේක google ආයතනය free දෙන එකක් නිසා.

Save time and get more work done, faster with templates. Help your students, colleagues or anyone using Google Sites, quickly create a professional looking website with just a few clicks!

Tutorial Website :
Similar Website :

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