How To Make Latest Website Design Using HTML And CSS | Adventure Website Design Header

How To Make Latest Website Design Using HTML And CSS | Website Header Design With HTML & CSS Step by Step tutorial


In this video we will create a website header section design using HTML And CSS. This website design is for Adventure travel website

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  1. Have you guys tried to put this video in practice? Cause in my case, I think there is something more than he shows. I mean, I wrote everything as he said, step-by-step, I used the same images, and the nav bar doesn't move in the upper right side. It is soooo enoying

  2. Hi bro watching from PH can you please help how to make "Introduction to java script" as homepage and Side bar menu for the chapters and lessons 🥺

  3. Mr Easy Tutorials sir, please I really need your assistance, concerning a piece of code that I've been trying to fix for a very long time now. And I feel you are one of the people who can help me out with this frustrating bug.

    Okay, so it's basically a simple code I wrote in HTML, CSS and JS that involves two pages.

    [By default, the second page overlaps the first, but you can simply set the z-index of the first page to be higher so it sits on top of the second, the function will still work.]


    I designed the code such that when I click on the body (or document):

    of the second page, the first page moves to the left (-100vw) and then sits on the second page (0vw, z-index:1)

    of the first page, the second page moves to the right (100vw) and then sits on the first page (0vw, z-index:1)

    You've got the idea (I used keyframes in CSS).

    When you view the effect in your browser you'll notice that at some point while animating from one page to the other, there will be a "jumpy" effect.

    At a point, the animation flows smoothly, then, at another point, it gives this "jumpy" effect

    (and that's really annoying)

    I WOULD SERIOUSLY LOVE TO HEAR YOUR RESPONSE, after which I'll immediately send you the code files.

    Oh, and you have my permission to feature the coding process on your YouTube channel. That way I'll be able to view it and make corrections.


    You can simply send me back the applied corrections via email:


    ———————————————————————————————I'm Matthew Don from Nigeria.

  4. Truth be told, you are my teacher which I've realized after taking classes on your Youtube channel. Is it possible to use a video URL like img if one does want to have the video on his laptop

  5. Brother, your tutorial is easy to learn and i have learnt lots of css from your tutorial…
    and js also…but if you make more tutorial with js and bootstrap it will be very helpful for beginners of js, like me..

  6. Hello sir, if u don’t mind, pls create more video to make full responsive website using html css js pls. For your all video I already watched. Thank you so much sir

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