How To Make Resume Website Design Using HTML Add CSS | Personal Portfolio Website Design Tutorial

Learn How How To Make Resume Website Design Using HTML Add CSS | Personal Portfolio Website Design Tutorial

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In This video you will lean to how make dark website design, you will learn how make resume website template design using CSS and HTML. On the top logo, navigation menu and contact information section placed.

In middle beautifully design about title, play icon button placed. at background dark image represent person image.

At Bottom Social link and copyright text. You will learn that how to make complete front website design in this video with step by step guide, So please watch this video till the end.

Download Template Files Here :

See Demo Here

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  1. there was a problem in adding BLOG logo to code, can you justify me about it ?? plzz i want blog logo in my site

  2. can i ask What is ul, li , a
    when i miss a the button doesnt arrange in horizontal instead prependicular ..sorry bad english

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  4. why my header background image not showing. many times im try still not showing. plus with css file at html i need to put href="css/style.css" it will appear at browser if im not put css/ the bullet still showing. so how about a background image?

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