How To Make Website Using HTML CSS | Crete Full Website Step by Step Tutorial

How To Make Website Using HTML CSS | Crete Complete Responsive Website Using HTML and CSS Step by Step Tutorial

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Here in this video you will learn to make a complete static website step by step using HTML and CSS. On this website design we will create Header section with logo, welcome text and buttons. There will be vertical side menu on this website design.
Then we will create the features section, services section with beautiful hover effect on image, then beautiful user review/testimonials UI design and website footer design with contact information and social media buttons on this website design.
This website will be completely responsive it means it will look perfect on all large and small screen devices.

◼️ Learn How to upload website on Internet

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  1. Yo bruh.. Im using VSC . and that mean, when was doing the first step, I have already <meta name= …> on my html. when you telling in the middle prosess to added <meta name=..> . what I'll do next? .. shoud I doing like what u do to adde <meta name=..> again?if I adde, that mean is my html will be have double <meta name..>

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