How To Make Website Using HTML & CSS | Full Responsive Multi Page Website Design Step by Step

Learn How To Make A Complete Website Using HTML and CSS, Complete HTML and CSS Multiple Pages Website Design Tutorial Step by Step
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Part 2:

In this video you will learn to create a complete website design using HTML and CSS step by step. It will be fully responsive website design and we will create 5 different website pages and we will link all pages through navigation menu. We will learn to create Home Page, About Page, Course page, Single blog post page and Contact page with a working contact form.
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Download the image used in website from the above link then try to make this website yourself after watching this step by step website design tutorial.
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  1. Can you please mention the image dimensions for every required so we will understand even more accurately, and the rest stuff you explain is just awesome.

  2. My font awesome icons are not showing. I have done all that you did, but still having troubles. Any help please? <>

  3. sir.. im still not understand.. why were u used .nav-links ul li::after …not use .nav-links ul li a:hover

  4. I am trying to build.t his site but I'm getting an incorrect file path error? Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

  5. The icons are not shown in my web page .
    Or it is mendetory to create an account in fonts awesome and copy the link from fonts awesome.

  6. Sir iss website mai jo apne media quarry likhi hai side menu ke lay
    Right -200px jo hidden width li hai usko kse hide kre ….
    Plz explain….

  7. When I insert the london image it comes right at centre and i cannot even align it to left side!what should i do ?

  8. It was great learning experience . Thank you🤗
    Can you post the link for the html and CSS file you have executed in the video,it would be helpful for many of them,Thank you again

  9. Awesome video, very well explained. I like your teaching style! You did it with love and got a new fan from Brazil. Now I'm going to Part 2!

  10. Hey guys I'm getting a specificity error and I can't figure out why all the code is the same but it won't load anything on the webpage. Any tips?

  11. bro when I am copying and pasting the link for the icons it is showing a rectangle in place of the icons what should I do

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