How to Mood Board for Web Design | Web Design Tutorial

Mood Boarding is a huge part of the web design process. It allows you to generate ideas about the general aesthetic or “look and feel” of your website projects. Color, typography, patterns, textures, photography are just some of the elements that should be found on your web design moodboard.

In this design tutorial, I cover not only How to make a mood board but also what should be on your mood board as well as why you should include this step in your creative process as well as some helpful techniques for the process.

Style tile –

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  1. Hi. I just wondering for a web design design perspective, is there any difference between moodboard and style guide? seems like they are just the same thing. thanks.

  2. Back ground isn't blurry, and you are standing in the middle
    Can immediately see that it's not your recent video.

  3. Bruh, u need many more views, this is really useful, helped me frame my mindset, thank you!

  4. Hey Jessie, Enjoyed your movie! Is it possible to create an episode where you create a mood board and we can actually work along with you? Maybe in I learn better this way, maybe something really simple & cool!

  5. Awesome video! I definitely stress over getting things right when it comes to styling and I'm learning to take things piece by piece. These style tiles sound like awesome baby step to take for aesthetics.

  6. Love your videos Jesse. They're helping me a lot. Couldn't check out all your videos yet. I am completely new to this and started to play around with figma, affinity designer, webflow and so on.
    I really would love to know and see what tools are made for what part of the design process and most importantly what to do with the exported files. A "best pratice workflow" so to speak. Hope my question makes somekind of sense 😀

    Thank you for the videos anyway! Great cuts, great communication, great quality overall.

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