How to Organize Website Design projects for Free Using Asana

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John D. Saunders is a Web Designer and Founder at 5Four Digital and an Automation Expert with a decade of experience building brands online.

Working with brands like Land Rover, Audi and the NAACP, he has utilized Website Development, Standard Operating Procedures, Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy to create marketing campaigns that resonate with the consumer and drive consistent sales and conversions.

John’s main focus is to provide VALUE to business owners and entrepreneurs through web design and marketing strategy. By launching an online course with more than 1,900 active students and building, scaling and selling three ecommerce businesses, John hopes to continue spreading digital marketing knowledge around the world while providing stellar marketing tactics to local and national business owners.

Lastly, John recently launched to provide 40+ FREE illustrations for use with websites featuring people of color. It’s since had over half a million site visitors and 40,000 downloads.


  1. Hey John! Have been loving absorbing all of the content from here and IG my guy! Are these particular project organizations and SOPs taught in your course?

  2. Hey John, great video. Is this process, including sub tasks and everything underneath each of them, something you learned over time, or where did you learn this process? I’d love to learn more about it. Thank you!

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