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  1. I would pay 20000 dollars for a website if its made really professional. But i have seen websites which are not even worth 200 dollars. Actually it would be even better if they had no website if its looking like this.

  2. Thank you so much for the great video, Ran. The value pricing is truly an art to do right, as can be seen in your call with Chis Do. For many freelancers I think it is also an issue to find the right type of clients who can actually see paying you for the site you are building them as an investment in their own success. I have not been so lucky about that in the past but changed a lot about my work during the last 6 months and it it reaping the first benefits now.

    @7:44 I have been thinking a lot lately about the aspect of a great office:
    Pros are, that it will be deducted from taxes anyway, so it will count against your revenue and obviously it can be fun and motivating to work in a great environment.

    On the other side, since the COVID-19 situation, I have had very very few in person meetings with clients and, although I love to meet people in person, it is even more obvious, that it is not truly necessary IMO. Also in weighing costs I was thinking about looking for an office in the suburbs of my city which would give me a 24/7 office instead of a 9-6 allowance on selected days.

    I have been keeping the sales agent of the office rental company at bay to check my options. I might end up just booking a nice office when I have client meetings or when I shoot video. For now I have a good work environment, which will be good until end of September. Will see what I will decide then.

    If you havent already shot one, may I suggest a video about how you manage your team and which tools you use? I think I remember that you only work with other freelancers, but how do you structure the process? Trello? Basecamp? Asana?

  3. Hi. On one side I really enjoy you're videos, congrats not only on the message but on the useful content. I'm beginning to offer my services of design. There's a great motivation and it's hunger. It could sound like an manipulator move. But it's not. I live in Venezuela so I figure you can imagen what I'm talking about. This kind of motivation improves, even if you don't believe it, the creativity. And I'm really ok with that. So I'll appreciate if you can orient me to obtain some clientes for design. Yes I know you'll gonna say: Hey, is this man crazy! Is he so barefaced? And probably I'm both. In any cases please just think on it.

  4. You are now a regular in my content diet mate. Nice one. 🤙🤙🤙
    Once my agency gets up and running, I'd love to create some collaborative content. You have your head screwed on right. Well played sir, well played. ✊

  5. You are my hero man!,, seriously,,keep up the good work,, watching all your videos,,, I'm kinda in the transition from traditional graphic design to web,,not saying that im completely new to web design but need more time with it,,also webflow user,, thanks for your educational approach,, helping me a lot!,,hello from Slovakia

  6. My first three years in business as a full time web designer (+ graphic art, media content and full brand creator) I was quoting flat rates but a few nightmare projects that went wayyyy over original estimate taught me just quote hourly based off them filling out my ‘get a free quote’ easy online form #bestdecisionever and then using clear working agreement project outlines w time frames that keep clients ‘in line’ and all clearly organized and mutually agreed to 🙌🏻💥👏🏻⚡️👊🏻

  7. I love the idea that the amount of time taken to create the website SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS A GUIDE FOR BILLING… Think about that for a minute. If one designer has studied hard, upskilled with new software and kept at the forefront of tech/software and is a brilliant designer – they can do the most amazing job in far less TIME??? so start thinking about charging for EXPERIENCE, SKILL AND EXECUTION rather than hourly rates or standard fees. It's all about VALUE…

  8. Really good info! I liked the idea of negotiation being a process ..that sometimes works better than others and you go fine tuning it… removes the pressure a lot. (even for negotiating salaries as contractor/employee…) thanks!

  9. Love the video. But the question is still in the air. Ok you figured out your cost to build. The number is set. What maximum percentage increase from the cost do you start your proposal? And at what point would you not go lower percentage wise?

  10. I do this same exact thing in my business (right down to the hybrid value-pricing strategy) and it's super successful. I can confirm everything you've said here is true! Thanks for making this video!

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