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  1. guys this is a very hard business. don't forget that nobody pay you 5k for a website, no 3k and no 1k too. forget it. all the stuff what this guy say in his videos are informations but he don't make the big money with this stuff too. why i am saying that? because he makes youtube videos and earn more money with youtube and not with web design. don't be stupid and risk your safety job for this business. take your time and at the first you have to learn how to make a very very good website. because good websites are everywhere, but maybe about 10% of this are on the high level. Look for inspirations and come to the level of a good designer on dribbble. There are the 10% of the pros in the business. all other are "wordpress designers" and makes websites for friends or something like this and earn the small money.

  2. Do you host all the websites you make on one hosting account or do you hand over the website with host you bought the domain with. Or do you buy a new just plan for every website you are creating for a client?

  3. Hello this is me here from India I am glad I came to know about you today … I am willing to start a business in India for which I need a good business partner in uk/usa if anyone interested we can talk on it. I will explain business the module… Do contact me that will be appreciated❤my insta id is sylvia.larsen.1806

  4. Ran I have been following you for the last couple of months and your content is super valuable. Even after 3-4 years in the industry I still learn a bunch of things from your vids. It is interesting to me, that I am thinking about building my personal branding as a web designer, how you create the content, specifically, how you come up with the ideas on what you are going to talk about and then how you prepare the material and how long it takes you. Thanks

  5. Do you have a video more about question 3? I want to understand more on how to actually deliver the website to them while allowing them an easy way to manipulate it to make small minute changes.

  6. Questions: 1. How are you going to get clients?
    -dribble, LinkedIn etc. 2. How much are you going to charge? 3. How are you going to deliver the product?

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