How to Start a Web Design Business in 2021

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How to Start a Web Design Business in 2021

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In this video:

Hey everyone and welcome back. In this new series I am going to show exactly how to start a new web design business and get it profitable.

– We will cover a real website project
– Show you how to land your own clients
– Show you how to build a great website
– And how you get get your clients massive results

The end goal here is you have everything you need to succeed with starting a new web design business.

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  1. O wow thats a universe work for sure. I am from poland and I found you by dutch website or something while ago. That's a first time I am seeing this video and here you go saying you live in Poland 🙂

  2. For the love of god stay away from ecommerce projects!! or anything that would require any type of onsite purchase or god forbid shipping. Trust me woocommerce and payment gateways is an entirely different beast.

  3. Hi Rob, great video man! So are you saying we should not be focussed on choosing niche at this point, but rather ANY niche business that is Local? I keep reading all this stuff online about when you get started you HAVE to choose a niche but it was stressing me out and becoming overwelming because I don't have a pull to any one niche over another. Question 2: Also, is it ok to do your first few portfolio projects for free?

  4. Hey man! Just wanted to say you were one of the first web design people I started watching when I started to learn the business of web design.
    Also, give us a desk setup tour, bc that setup of yours looks C L E A N.
    Keep up the good work my man.

  5. Thank you bro, I really like and appreciate what you have done so far, I want to ask you a question. Is it enough to know how to use WordPress and being able to build an entire website using elementor and other plug-ins to start with the business?
    I feel like I have a lot of other things to learn in order to start selling my service, am I right or it's enough to be able to start?

  6. This is what I’ve been looking for exactly. It’s a coincidence that you happen to start this as I just started to dive into creating my on web design business. Look forward to more!

  7. Love this new style Rob! I'm looking to get started once I get setup in my new apartment next week. One question though: What if the businesses that you have connections to aren't necessarily in the niche you'd like to target. I know a hair stylist and a massage therapist I could help out, but I really want to work with more construction companies. Is it still worth doing those free projects just to get started even though my portfolio wouldn't be tailored toward construction?

  8. Thanks for the video. I really like your content. I'm a 44yr old business owner/operator looking to make a change. Studied basic web development(PHP & MySQL on the backend) a couple years ago, during the winter (my business's off-season.) Got too busy to keep up with it. Last summer I jumped into WordPress, redid my own business website, and started talking to people I know about it. Have a few website jobs pending right now. Hoping to do 3-5 WordPress based websites this winter, along with some basic SEO work, and hosting. Starting with $300-$400 for a sites, and $100 basic SEO setup, about $60 annual hosting for people I know. See how things evolve from there. Also planning to get back into basic from-scratch web development this winter. Don't know if I will go back to that or just use the knowledge to be able to further customize WordPress, maybe even build some small plugins or something. So far I really like their ecosystem.

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