How to write a website design proposal | Create a web design proposal template ( ++ FREE TEMPLATE)

In this video, I am talking you through how to write a website design proposal, im giving you insight into my very own proposal I have used to land multiple web design clients. Learn how to create a web design proposal template that you can use over and over again.


Whether you are a freelance web designer or an agency owner, you will no doubt have been asked to send over a web design proposal to share your ideas. It is important to send over a document that is professional and allows you to stand out from the crowd, making you memorable and most like the web designer of choice when the business is making their decision.

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  1. Is the only way to get the proposal to join facebook? I would prefer not to be forced to join FB. You offer great videos but i dont think its great to coerce some of us to join FB. I dont mind going with the email list route.

  2. Thanks for this amazing video. I have a doubt if we sent a web design proposal to the client and they accept it, after that we have to send web design contract?

  3. So you are saying the value is so high that not only you need to capture email for future " HELPFULl CONTENT " but also need to join the FB group?
    I like your content mate but this is a bit of a rip off when it says your PDF is waiting on the other side of the email .. instead it should say that i will capture your email and add you to my email campaign , also you need another approval to join a facebook group even if you don't use or like facebook. Disliked and reported for false offer ~

  4. Honestly this is the best content I’ve ever come across in my web design journey. I’m so glad to have found you. And hey I’ve subscribed and I’ve started watching your tutorial from today. This proposal is just unique and I’ve checked the link but I haven’t gotten the template yet. So I’m patiently waiting. I’m so in love 😍 already thanks Parker great job 👍

  5. I could not see the template. When I click on the link provided, all what I get is a facebook link to join a group for elementor web design.

  6. 🚩This is what we NeoTechGodz call 'Evil UX Practices' WEB DESIGN LIFE: –> "No login required. Simply request access to the free proposal and the files are waiting on the other side. " To only be redirected to a Facebook Group which you have to wait to gain access for. If you claim the files will download then allow them to download instead of forcing people to opt into a Facebook group to potentially be upsold on content that is available free. I guess I have to wait to access the Facebook group approval like the other commenters I've read, not to mention the comments are MONTHS old. Tisk,tisk,tisk…

  7. When i fill the form to download the template i am redirected to facebook, which I am boycotting and have been for 4 years, and there is 0 prompt or indication of how to download the template from there. I just wanted to compare your timeline to my own. If the form is functioning as it should then I find this whole thing very deceptive. Using Google Chrome on a Surface Pro 7. Please advise.

  8. How do I get access to the files? the link sends you to the facebook page. I've applied but never got the proposal? Also, what program are you using in this video?

  9. What do you think about using proposal software? For example Hello Bonsai? Do you think software like Hello Bonsai is better or is it better to have something more custom like a PDF?

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