HTML and CSS for beginners – Webflow web design tutorial

If you’re new to web design, it’s vital that you understand the differences between HTML and CSS and how they work together to present web content (HTML) and control how it’s displayed in browsers (CSS). In this video, you’ll gain that understanding, plus learn to use native browser tools to inspect and make changes to websites, and learn how Webflow can help you produce professional websites without mastering code.

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  1. actually I was able to see these tutorials from webflow but I had to come to youtube and find the playlist TO HIT THE LIKE BUTTON on every one of these.
    These are really well made and well presented.
    Had to appreciate their thoughtfulness.

  2. Hi, I came across Webflow a few weeks ago, I've been trying to get answers to some questions. I am confused and need help.

    I'm a novice, learning Html and CSS at present, I wish to learn Web Design but I am stuck and confused about the actual process, the whole workflow steps, plz excuse me for my ignorance but I would appreciate your sincere reply and advice.

    I am trying to work out how Webflow actually fits into the Web design workflow?

    I am learning responsive web design at present and about to take a hands-on in-class short intensive also. The backend is what scares me.

    I heard that Webflow takes care of the Backend, is this true? If so then how exactly? By saving the headache of coding with PHP and other server-side languages? Is it as secure as a Web Dev doing the backend programming?

    Does paying for a Pro plan Account mean we are able to make an unlimited amount of projects with white labelling (Webflow logo taken off- which I think the forums explain how after the upgrade) and be able to export the source code from unlimited projects when they reach the end stage, then we can customize further after taking the source code? Is this correct?

    Is it true that you also give the option to host the project on Webflow then ONLY we pay hosting for each project? Does this fully secure the backend of the site, completely? No backend coding needed? Is it that simple? And apart from that we need to buy a domain name only? Is that it? Excuse me for my ignorance, just confused as I thought I would either have to learn to become Full-stack or either learn enough for Front-End ONLY then out-source for the backend which maybe risky.

    Is it true that with Webflow then there is no need for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator? Or are they useful in some other part of the Web Design process? If Webflow does give similar features to Photoshop or Illustrator then how plz?

    If this is all true, then does it mean that a person can learn Html, CSS, Javascript, and go through the Workflow tutorials, then start to design their websites in Workflow, then customise them with their skills in Html, CSS and Javascript, then upon completion host them on Webflow also?

    And all backend issues will be taken care of as part of the hosting plan?

    And also be able to modify, update from time to time?

    So we just need to make sure we enrol the client who the website was designed for onto a monthly fee to pay for the hosting? Can we charge more than the cost of the monthly hosting to cover modifications and so forth? Or do we have to only charge the hosting fee and that too ONLY directly through Webflow?

    How can we add other features if they are not in Webflow? Do we have to export the project to another hosting company then only we can add the features?

    As you can see from my questions, I wish to become a Freelance Web Designer, but I'm hesitant due to some worries arising from confusion. I would appreciate your reply and advice, please.

    Thank you.

  3. I am into Webflow for some days now and I am also a professional video and motion designer.

    Maaaaaaaaan…. This tutorials are absolutely awesome and a great job!!!! Love the voice over and all the nice gags and funny things that come with it, keeping at the same time a really professional storytelling line to get to know the simplexity of the webflow tools.

    Great job guys! This is awesome. Thank you so much for putting so much love and effort into this project.

    Customer aquired!

  4. Hey, thank you for this video! There aren't a lot of videos explaining that. But I have a question: What is the best Browser for MacOS in your Opinion?

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