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I thought it would be fun for today to do a web design challenge. I am going to try to create a web design in less then 20 minutes.

The goal of creating designs fast is to stimulate our mind and cycle through ideas very fast. If you are a beginner in design, ux , ui I think this will be a good challenge for you to try.

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  1. Guys chill… When you have thousands of people to watch your videos it's always better to plan and practice your video ahead of time for the sake of good content. He is a good programmer too spending his time making content. But instead of respecting him you guys are mocking him af

  2. this is the first video I ever watched about design now im pretty good at it ,, and watching it again gave me a really really good feeling 🥰

  3. 1. Let's see you design something that you haven't rehearsed.
    2. This is not a website, this is just hero section with a header. Also just one breakpoint.

    Don't do this. Don't hype up people that things like this can be made in 20 minutes. Be real. Show, how much time you wasted on your rehearsal and fixing mistakes.

  4. Good job, but that was not a website, man. It was just an illustration using a Photoshop substitute. A website consists of HTML/CSS/Javascript code and has to be uploaded on a server to work.

  5. I have a question: is it better for me to design website with wix or do it this way then bring it to life through back end coding? Which way is more efficient? Am I able to make cool UI designs using wix etc? (Saving me time on coding)

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