I Paid $100 For a Website on Fiverr | LOOK AT WHAT I GOT

I paid $100 and $30 for two custom websites on Fiverr and you’ll never believe what I got back!

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  1. These dudes were lazy, the websites are clearly from a template so they slapped some text and photos on there. I've been building websites for only 2 months and could build a better website from scratch 🤣

  2. Yeah in both cases you got scammed. You paid for someone to google images of pigeons, upload them to a wordpress pre-made theme, and change the text on a few items. Normally, I wouldn't care, but when you condone this kind of behavior it detracts from the web dev industry, and the public opinion of it.

  3. I get that covering adress to their fiverr website and pixel logo cover, but you forgot about covering description where you can read "We are 'w0rdpressking' agency" so you just gave up their name the other way

  4. Okay, if the freelancer wrote the html, css and javascript from scratch the maybe it would be worth $100 but i'm sure he just used a theme and just customized it within the theme settings on WordPress. I don't consider freelancers that just use a free WordPress theme and customize the website via the theme settings to be web developers 😂🤣. In order for someone to be a web developer in my mind they have to write the html, and css and js from line 0 to w.e line it takes to finish. That gig is a scam and someone could easily learn how to install WordPress and a theme and learn to customize the theme via theme settings. Like, he basically found a theme installed it and tweaked it to be custom to the buyers liking with no custom code written by him. If i ever was to offer a service like this on fiver it wouldn't be with a CMS would do it from scratch the buyer would just need to provide me with a mock up aka figma, sketch, png file and would replicate it writing the code myself from start to finish.

  5. Absolutely Love the vid👍 👌 I've just bought my first domain and am desperate to get a site built for it, could you possibly recommend someone that could build me a forum please

  6. Your videos are amazing. I do have a question. I built a website through HostGator and ran a web.dev analysis. There's a lot lf stuff that shows the website needs tweeks with. Do you suggest I hire someone on Fiverr to fix?

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