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If life were like web design, you’d never put up with it. That’s why we made Webflow, the modern way to build for the web.

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  1. Wow this is a really good ad, it's not aggressive like all the other things we are forced to watch, I don't need a website at all but I watched (and anjoyed) the whole video, very well done !!!

  2. This is probably the first time ever I have commented on a commercial/ad but I just had to chime in: Well Done! I actually watched this ad all the way through without hitting the 'Skip Ad' Button 😂
    And BTW, I SO get what you're saying…🤣

  3. I am generally pretty cynical about advertising. I don't think I have ever seen an ad that has stated the problem so clearly. It is definitely one of the top ten ads I have ever seen in forty something years of seeing ads.

  4. I am indeed just designing my own author webpage, but I have also studied advertising. YouTube just showed me this ad – and I just came here to say tjhat this is simply brilliant! <3

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