INTRO TO LAYOUT: Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 6

In order to understand the secrets of composition for graphic design you first need to understand how powerful layouts can be.

These are the first steps for you to master this greatly important fundamentals of graphic design. Just like a good architect, if you have a good understanding of the laws of physics, composition, and human perceptions you are going to be able to create more impactful and well-designed outcomes.

· Intro 0:22
· Examples 0:44
· What makes a good layout? 1:34
· Trick Number 1 2:14
· Trick Number 2 7:42
· Exercises 13:47

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  1. I search for the First Web example, the green hotels paris 13. and I belive that your review help them 'cause it looks a little bit different now. They remove a lot of the messy stuff thank to you i guess 😀

  2. idk if its just me but when you say words with a (S) the hissing sound is very annoying and it hurts my ears lol u should get a a pop filter or do some editing to mic audio in future videos

  3. By the way, I find a little difficult to read your Slides! I believe I got the idea (from Starwars), but its little distracting from the content and of course the Title is not what catches my attention, and I quickly forget what it is all about! But at the end I really appreciate your insights in this subject matter. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey, can you tell me what keys do you use to adjust the margin of the columns. As soon as I press the arrow key up and down, it shifts from the left-right margin selection to the single left margin and starts adjusting the margin towards the left side. Thanks for the help.

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