Meet the future of responsive website design: Editor X

Try Editor X today!

Meet the next website editor for responsive web design: Editor X! Editor X is a no code, web development tool that allows you to create your own website using responsive design and CSS grid layouts. Watch the video to get a quick intro to this new, web development creation and editor tool!

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00:00 – Intro
1:08 – Getting started and exploring the Editor
2:10 – Responsive design and breakpoints
2:45 – Creating your design
5:45 – Adjusting for breakpoints
7:14 – Reusable blocks and Masters
8:03 – Theme & style manager
8:22 – Pages & Site Navigation
9:09 – Previewing
9:25 – Dev Mode
9:59 – Summary!



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  1. I already have a wix account and a published website. Do I need to pay for a separate account to publish a website using editor x?

  2. Hi please how do i add AdSense to my Editor X I'm spending money online too much I should be getting back. please help

  3. I built my site with Wix drag & drop system. I'm finding that i'm barely scraping Google rankings after a month (given I haven't engaged with an SEO or rankings specialist – seems a bit to exxy as i'm starting out), but I have heard over and over that Wix just isn't good for Google rankings. Is EditorX the same? I have people trying to convince me to move to wordpress, but it's so clunky and unappealing haha

  4. Any chance you managed to create a Back-to-Top btn.??
    I'm aware you can set any element to 'anchor' to the top. But, I never managed to add a btn that appears/disappear at a specific scrolling-location… In the older editor it was easy to add/tweak.
    Appreciate your help!
    Love your channel 😍

  5. I see lots of potential on EX but as long as they take their mind set of that crap of wix… NEW SUBSCRIBER.. liked you video..cheers

  6. before jumping into webflow I will give editorX a try.. ( just because its free until you decide to acquire the website, Webflow you need to spend a bit more just to get started.) I played with EX the first month they released the Beta.. and It had A LOT of malfunction issues. but then again it is on Beta after all.

    hopefully after 8 months they have made changes. I will jump in today and see how it flows!!. am asking for a DARK THEME hopefully they will apply it later in the future. Hamburger button needed LOTS of work. it wasnt working correctly. so were parallaxes.. but let see…

  7. Perfect timing for me wanting to redo my portfolio! I have mine on UXFolio and it's great but its limitations make me want to look for a more advanced CMS. Excited to start from scratch with EditorX!

  8. So this is basic Elementor for WordPress, I still think that Elementor is more powerfull. Edit: This is just an AD vΓ­deo, if you wanna develop a real website and be able to expand it without touching a single line of code, use WordPress. It is more powerfull, flexible, yada yada…

  9. Your content is extremely good, I just love the way you explain things. You are simply awesome. I have started watching all your previous videos now πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks Femke for this tutorial about Editor X, I was searching good tutorial about Editor X but luckily I found your tutorial
    Thanks very much claps from Ethiopia πŸŸ’πŸŸ‘πŸ”΄

  11. Webflow tools of our future, its got one huge option, you can add or writte code, actually i dont know why webflow not on the top.

  12. Nice but webflow allows you to add your own code wich gives you waaaaay more control over the project imho

  13. Definitely webflow need a good competitors. Then only will get great great features. Webflow cms need more improvement. Multiple image slider , multiple image tab menu multiple image light box , these features definitely need more improvement and control in webflow. Disappointed a little bit about this. I hope this will be soon..

  14. I do not see why I should spend more time doing this while all that she is doing can be done with Divi builder in 5 minutes and cheaper price.

  15. Right when I head to the comments section with Webflow in mind, look at this place! xD You people are already there with the thoughts haha. Editor X does seem to have a lot of potential, I'll definitely give it a shot.

  16. It's definitely a good tool for those who can't code. I'm a UX/UI designer and Front-end Developer and I don't think I can use this on my own projects, so many reasons to that: scalability, deep customizations and integrations, that's why I never used WordPress before also. But still I think this is a very pro option and I really hope this kind of tools get better over time: Continuous Improvement πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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