NGO Website Design | Non Profit & Charity Website | How to build a NGO Website | HTML 5 | CSS 3

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This video is based on HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap 4. This website design is made for ngo or non-profit and charity organizations.
Animate.css and lots of CSS 3 effects are used in this Website design. This Project is helpful to those who want to practice and learn HTML 5, CSS 3, and Bootstrap 4. I have tried to explain each and every concept of code I have used in this project. Enjoy Learning and happy coding.
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Code is available here:-
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If you are interested in learning Javascript my recommendation is in the link and it will help me too.

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  1. I was choking when You made a mistake in spelling CAROUSEL and actually had to use the 2x playback speed till you corrected it. Damm it was hard😂😂

  2. While adding background picture the carousel is disappearing (not working). Could you please suggest any option. Thank you an advance! by the way, I would like to say this is amazing tutorial keep it up

  3. hello erum , can you send me the images of this project please!! i have been watching your content for some weeks. i have learn so much from you. YOU ARE AWASOME.🙏🙏👍

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