Photoshop Website Design Tutorial – Stylish Portfolio With Grain Texture

Hey everyone. Today’s tutorial we are going to make a stylish portfolio website design in Adobe Photoshop. Web design is based on a mix of dark gray color and texture film grain to create a stylish and elegant website. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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  1. become I start to design my logo for a brand, how to find colors of the logo, my keyword: luxury palace and carpet name of the brand is Carpet Palace location is Iran I chose Persian Empire symbols (The Apadana Palace and lion but with Eagle head) to design a logo but about colors I no ideas thanks for helping

  2. For New Bies, I'll suggest watching this video at 0.5 speed to get a better understanding. (Select from setting option)

  3. Hi sir, great job, i have a question.
    I know about making PSD website mockup but can you help me that which sources you are using for taking website mockup ideas when you making website in PSD

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