Professional Web Design Process Explained in 5 minutes

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  1. আইসিটি এবং ওয়েব ডিজাইন এবং ডেভেলপমেন্ট এর ক্লাস সুমহ ঃ

    চ্যানেল এর লিংক

    => বাইনারি যোগ বিয়োগ

    => আইসিটি প্লে লিস্ট (ICT playlist)

    =>এইসটি এম এল (HTML Playlist)

    =>সি এস এস প্লে লিস্ট ()

    =>জাভা স্ক্রিপ্ট প্লে লিস্ট ()

    =>মার্কেট প্লেস নিয়ে আলোচনা

    => যে কুয়েরি প্লে লিস্ট ()

    => জানুন

    => বুট স্ট্রাপ প্লে লিস্ট ()

    => ডাটা বেজ ()

    => পি এইচ পি বেসিক প্লে লিস্ট ()

  2. Thanks a lot. very helpful. BTW @Ran for a brand project , what are the deliverables that the client expects? is it a website and a logo or should we also design the envelope, bag, invoice, letterheads, email signature etc. ? Please clarify. thank you 👍❤

  3. ok. so … What is the best approach to designing a product or a web application ?
    a) Base on knowledge
    b) Gather data from users
    c) brain storm ideas
    d) Systematic thinking.

  4. What about UX design? I think you are more focused on clients needs and goals ! What about user experience process like user research ,user persona ,usability ,prototyping ,testin etc

  5. How do you handle the situation, if the client want some adjustments to the design if you already building the site in webflow and he approved the design before?
    Charge them extra, or do you say its not possible anymore? Or does it depends on how big the changes are, so that you decide if you are changing them for free?
    Would like to hear your answer.

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  7. Thanks for all the detailed information you have provided in this video. I really like your way of explaining each and every point, Keep sharing such great videos in the future also.

  8. I went through all of this with a client and built a mock up website to those specs. He liked it but he then read a book (about guerilla marketing) and when he got back to me he completely changed everything.

  9. Who write the content? Do you write it? Do they bring a in a web copywriter? Do your design the sight and then the copywriter create content to fit the flow of the site or do the client bring the content to the session and you create a site that fits the content? This is the most difficult part for me because the designer is typically not the copywriter and getting both to come together is hard. I just need my site to be up and ready to go.

  10. Hi, how I can explain my design is modern style. My client said he like modern design. My basic understanding is we made very simple structure and make the font clean and strong. what else I should explain it more.

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