React Blog Website Design Tutorial | React UI Full Course for Beginners

How to create a blog website using React.js. Blog app React project from scratch for beginners. Design React blog app using functional React components and React Router Dom.

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0:00 Introduction
01:09 How to install a React App
04:33 React navbar tutorial
17:02 Creating React header
23:48 Using flexbox in React.js
26:39 React sidebar example
34:10 Blog post component
44:25 Single post component
58:35 Create a new post component
01:09:50 User settings component
01:22:00 React Login and Register Page
01:31:33 React Router Dom Tutorial
01:44:56 Outro


  1. This is a great tutorial! But, within the last month or so, with the React Router v6 update, they changed the routing syntax. They replaced <Switch> to <Routes>. and the paths to <Route path="/"> exact element={<Home />} </Route> This broke a few things.

  2. I really like how you go through everything instead of copying and pasting. Tutorials become longer that way but it is still better in that way. Copying and pasting can used from time to time but not as general method in my view.

  3. Hello, please can you do a more responsive build for the blog to be mobile responsive and have the ability to upload pictures and videos when writing a blog article or blog posts add a like and comments as well. Please this could really help in many ways. Thank you.

  4. Great video, I learned a lot of React concepts for the first time, however, maybe is it worth showing that in the design phase the websites should also be prepared for mobile and tablet users.

  5. I complete the whole 3 video of this playlist and done the project, learn a lot of things. Thank you for this awesome tutorial.

    But , bros, I am facing a problem. I cannot register or login . When I want to do that, whole page refreshed and nothing happens. In the console of inspect, I get the line – [HMR] Waiting for update signal from WDS… and nothing else. What should I do? How to solve this. Plz Plz , can you help me? or, anyone here to help me? It can save my life..

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