React Responsive Ecommerce Website Design Tutorial | Mobile First Website | Dark Mode/Light Mode ☀️

Hey Coders, in this video we will design React Responsive Ecommerce Website. This design is mobile first website. This website also has the dark mode and light mode toggle. We have also used scss for styling the website.

Source code ⤵️

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Timestamps ⏱️
00:00 Demo
04:25 Base Setup
22:10 Navbar
38:00 Home Section
48:00 Services Section
58:45 Categories Section
01:05:34 Recommendation Section
01:11:23 Choose Us Section
01:17:50 Products Section
01:27:44 Promo Section
01:35:03 Footer Section
01:44:30 Media Queries
02:01:00 Scroll Reveal Animations
02:04:50 Dark Mode / Light Mode

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  1. Man, such a golden knowledge hidden on Youtube! Thanks for sharing, i loved it!
    Will follow you from now on, Thanks again!

  2. How to add Category section , when category is triggered it will open all products belonging that category ..
    what is the logic for it ?

  3. Hi Kishan, can you create a navbar with dropdown for 3 navbar items. I can't seem to toggle off the rest of the Dropdowns when I click on one navbar item. Currently is opening all the Dropdowns when click on one. Do you have an email for me to forward you my code.

  4. Show Kishan, estou acompanhando seus sites e praticando-os para meus conhecimentos, espero que continuem assim. Só agradece!!

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