Responsive Website Design | Live Design Stream

Join me live as I take a desktop website design and convert it to be mobile friendly using the basic principles of responsive web design in Figma. I’ll show you my thought process, workflow, techniques, and even show you how I prep my file to share on a portfolio or design work site.

Channel members get access to the starter file and thew finished file when the stream is over. Consider becoming a member and supporting the channel

Ask me questions and design along with me in this new live design series. Also, DM me in IG or twitter to get your portfolio reviewed at the end of the stream. @iamjesseshow on both IG and Twitter

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  1. Just wanted to add something to the guy who asked what you think of people using PhotoShop over XD – and that is, like you said, even if you are a PhotoShop master, it's gonna take you way longer. But also — if you are used to PhotoShop, it's not gonna take you that long to get used to XD. It's very similar. I've used PhotoShop for 10+ years, and just started using XD. It's still way easier. You get the hang of it right away, really. Especially (!) if you're already used to Adobe. #endrant

  2. Nice tutorial Jesse. Its clear Figma is not your tool of design. You are really rusty using it than you use Adobe XD. You can really speed up better if you had mastered the work flow and save yourself some time and stress.

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  4. Привет!
    Спасибо за контент, очень интересно наблюдать. Вдохновляешь меня на написание постов.
    Если интересно, загляни в мой Инстаграмм, возможно что-то интересное найдёшь для себя!)
    Я пишу про питание, здоровье, психологию, дизайн и много о чем интересном.
    Буду рада видеть тебя на своей странице @juka_teplyakova

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