Responsive Website Design | With Background Video Slider – Travel Website – HTML CSS & Javascript

In this video, you will learn how to design a responsive travel website design with a background video slider using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

0:00​ – Intro
2:15​ – Files
2:25​ – Header
5:46​ – Home Section
11:13​ – Responsive Media queries
13:16​ – Responsive Navigation Menu (With Menu Button)
18:46​ – Background Video Slider
30:50​ – Outro

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  1. Hello, how can i use the navigation bar instead of slider navigation buttons? btw thank you for the videos 😀

  2. why can't I have the FB, Instagram, Twitter icon at 6:48 ? Do I have to import anything more than those 3 lines of code?

  3. Great job as always! I wanna ask you something, I have read in many sites that is recommended (as a good practice) to design websites in mobile first but you prefer desktop first, why? Greetings!

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