Shopify Tutorial For Beginners 2022 – Shopify Website Design Step By Step

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Learn Shopify Website Design by following this complete step by step Shopify Tutorial for Beginners for 2022.

Ever wanted to create your own online store to sell products online? Or Do you have a local business that sells in person, and you’re ready to take the leap to online? Or are you setting up a shopify store for a client? Well this is the only video you’ll need. In this video I provide a step by step Shopify tutorial for beginners. This Shopify website design tutorial will show you how to have your own E-commerce store that looks great and all without any complicated coding!

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a very popular software chosen by many online sellers to create their ecommerce websites! Shopify is so popular due to being super user friendly and very easy to interact with! Even a complete beginner can create a great looking store!

By the end of this Shopify tutorial you will know how to…
– How to browse the theme store to pick the perfect shopify theme for your new online store!
– How to customize your new Shopify theme
– how to master shopify website design to make a beautiful website that visitors will love
– How to use Shopify payments to collect credit card payments so you can start selling right away
– How to add a logo to your store
– How to add products to your Shopify store
– How to create product collections for your store

This Shopify Web Design is very easy to follow, a perfect Shopify tutorial for beginners 2022! You will know How to create an online store in just about an hour of work!

✅ Table Of Contents
Sign Up 0:15
General Settings 3:10
Theme Selection 12:30
Home Page Customization 17:20
Essential Pages 39:20
Navigation 49:10
Blog Posts 52:35
Domains 53:35
Preferences 54:35
Adding Products 57:00
Collections 1:06:20
Adding Collection To Home Page 1:09:00
Editing Checkout 1:10:00
Discounts 1:12:00
Orders 1:14:00
Analytics 1:14:30
Apps 1:15:30
Selecting A Plan 1:18:00
Summary 1:19:50

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  1. why does mine say Craft LIve on the home page. yours say text with image overlay and mine say talk about your brand, why mine is not like yours I am so frustrated with this please help

  2. What a great guide! Your videos are always educational, and I am really thankful for it. However I have come to conclusion that it's not always easy to find a winning product, especially if your niche is "specific". I am oftenly visiting wz dropshipping for some product suggestions. Other "hunting" services are really helpful as well. Good luck!!

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  4. Wow! Ty so much. I have tried other video tutorials and they basically give you a run through and not a actual tutorial. Then request if you need more assistance to contact them to build entire site for a fee.
    Your tutorial gave everything needed to build entire site. Thanks Again!!

  5. Wow ..this is the most thorough video I have ever came across. I had no idea what to do and no I followed along and just launched my store! Hopefully I get atleast a few sales this month to start with.

  6. Amazing video!! Finally one that makes sense that I could follow! Just one question though. Using the theme in your tutorial, is there a way to change up the filter under the shoo now button? Currently when you click all products and filter it shows every tag word I used instead of product names.

  7. Ok, one more comment now that I've finished the video: If the Shopify Trial hooked people up to this video, they could improve their own Conversion Rate by not losing non-technical people who become too frustrated wading through the morass, and either drag things out or just walk away.

  8. One other BIG thing: just the fact that you pointed out what all should have BEFORE starting the setup (Logo, Pictures, Color Scheme, etc) was extremely helpful and went beyond what any other Shopify Expert had offered.

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