Should You Become a Web Designer in 2021?

2020 changed everything. It’s a better time than ever to become a web designer. I explain why in today’s video.

With everything that happened with the virus, brick-and-mortar businesses were forced to ramp up their online presence. That means creating a distinct site that best conveys what they’re all about. This reason alone shows that web design is and will be bigger than ever.

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00:00 Intro
1:05 Covid changed everything
2:05 People are much more willing to work remotely
5:05 Growth of no-code movement

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  1. Thank for such a video explaining about this career option. I am currently trying to figure out what can I approach as a career option and listing them and cancelling them out after getting an overlook of the aspects of that career and the fact if I really have interest in it and can do it. So thanks, I really appreciate it.

  2. I finish a 2 yr program for web design and currently un employed apparently companies only interested in experience designer and not a newbie. I switch to finance. No job security in here tbh unless u like freelancing on and off jobs. This are the things they dont tell you in this industry

  3. I just landed a job as a web designer during this pandemic! and we have so many clients shifting their business online! and oh I work remotely my company is based in Australia and I'm in the Philippines. My work life now is sooo much better!!

  4. I work with a team of web designers and the things you've pointed out are definitely worth sharing to boost their morale and increase their productivity and improve creativity…in this unprecedented times =)

  5. There are many templates available and a website can be made using those templates in an hour. So why all the fuss about it and why would people pay us thousands of dollars? please rid me off this confusion

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  7. I’m a single mom who is going back to school after 6 years off 😳.
    I’m going for web design and my goal is to work from home. I don’t have any experience but I’ve done my research and this seems like it would be a good fit sir me career wise. I’m not nervous but I definitely wonder what a fat looks like as a web designer.

  8. I hope someone can recognize my question..
    I would like to be a web desinger as a freelancer but Im not sure what skills Do I need in order to be a web designer..Please anyone can give me a tip..Thank you in advance

  9. Should or should not? well. how about What is the best approach to designing a product or a web application ?
    a) Base on knowledge
    b) Gather data from users
    c) brain storm ideas
    d) Systematic thinking.

  10. hello brother can u help me to decide what should i have to do after my bcom graduation because I'm suber confused I'm gonna change my field and interestedin web design so Can i start it… I'm good with computers & i love to work with computer

  11. I think yes. But I think it's being a web designer but also be flexible and keep learning new skills. Branch out in areas that are outside your loop. Don't just limit to just websites but willing to learn a little of code or UX or something else. And possibly learn business and marketing skills. Don't just be stuck in a bubble.

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