1. I've had a problem with the command "this.stop();" the animation manages to stop but the bottons won't work, is there anything I can do about that?

  2. hello, thaks for the tutorial. i just have a question. How doyou publish all this ? be cause with html5 publish i have an error that makes my buttons doesn't work.
    Content with bitmaps and buttons may cause local security errors in some browsers if it is run from the local file system. i don't understand this.
    neeed heeelp !!!

  3. Mr. Jong Yoon Kim, I would like to take the time to appreciate you for this elaborate video. This has helped me complete my 2nd year project and relieved me from a lot of stress when I was running short on time to submit. Really appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sub-ed. Love from India<3

  4. I prefer canvas websites made in Adobe Animate. It's like MS Paint for web design lol. I do wonder something.. what is the general solution for making an Adobe Animate (canvas) website work in both mobile and desktop browsers? Do you have to make two entirely separate websites? -portrait for mobile and landscape for desktop or mobile users who already happen to be in landscape orientation? That's what I did.. but not sure if there's a unified way. I know in regular HTML5 and CSS, the elements just get reorganized automatically when you rotate the phone, but I don't know if Animate Canvas sites have the ability to do that. I know a canvas can be responsive, but it simply "squishes" the canvas to fit in a portrait mode, making everything small on screen and just makes you want to view it in landscape… but it's not the same as the site organizing itself to actually be portrait and landscape compatible at the same time in the way that a regular HTML5 site does.

  5. stop() action doesnt work with me why?? 🙁

    edit: i solved it since i noticed that doesn't has "this." before stop method like in the video so i added it and it worked well.

  6. you are my AN Hero Yong-Yoon Kim . seriously , i checked other videos about Adobe Animate and non of them explains things simple like you. it is very easy to fallow you step by step. we would like to see more websites designs. i personally would like. you to do website for NATURE. background is lavander field, and there will be a BEE flying around in front. animate this bee and background lavender moves with the wind. and lavender oil drop from bottel and so on.. thats what i wanna do, but its a bit hard. please show us also designing website for nature. Many thanks

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