Sketch Tutorial – Create a web design in Sketch App

In this Sketch tutorial, you’ll design a modern landing page in Sketch App. Download the Sketch App template and course files below to follow along!

Download the course files here:

Download the FREE Magic Mirror plugin here:

This is a detailed, hands-on tutorial that covers many topics:
– Use blending modes to fine-tune colors
– Use boolean operations to create custom shapes
– Create drop shadows
– Make and edit shapes
– Add and edit text
– Set and save color palettes

Skip to:
– Build the header section of the landing page: 0:27
– Build the first section of the landing page: 7:11
– Build the second section of the landing page: 18:44

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  1. i can do design in AI/PS/InD, how does this app help web designers get the designs closer to actual coding? done by either the designer or by a web dev? i'm confused why the need to learn this or figma, or XD, if all i'm doing is designing things (which i can do in AI, etc), and the coding part is essential. i used to see design gigi mentioning figma and sketch, so i know some employers need it. thoughts on this?

  2. Wow! thanks a lot man! I just began working on sketch today, but your tutorial was really helpful. I could work a long almost in real time and I had lots of fun! I appreciate it very much! Greetings from austria!

  3. Nice, but bro, you're not even drawing a box for the header. Someone is gonna need to code that design in the future so you have to take into account some coding considerations

  4. thank you! but ims till bothered by the fact you didnt made the opacity EXACTLY 30%. now I cant sleep.

  5. Is Sketch for design only? If so, how do those buttons at the top become reactive? At what point do you make it so that when the button "get demo" or "about" is clicked, it takes you to the right link? I'm just unsure of what exact role Sketch plays, and if it's just for design or has other capabilities.

  6. Great video, i use to mess around with web design years ago and im looking to get back into it, I found out about Sketch but im confused about what the program does. Is sketch just a program to draw up an idea for the website? I keep seeing videos of these great designs but nobody talks about how to make the links work or anything. Also seen some guys spend a long time on this just to jump over to coding software and try to redo what they did in Sketch. If theres no way to turn these designs into working sites with in the program it just seems like a waste of time to me. Can some one explain this to me, forgive my ignorance, It just seems like a great program but would hate to buy it if its just a drawing program.

  7. Can you make a video about after designing how to publish the website, I mean what is the process after we finished designing?

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