Starbucks Landing Page Website Design using Html CSS & Javascript | Step By Step Web Design Tutorial

Part 2 : How to Make Website Responsive | Starbucks Landing Page Website Design using Html CSS & Javascript
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  1. How to add a form that appears after clicking on all the buy buttons?

    to be more precise the form apear only on the first id="my-form" of the page , for example if my first button with id="my-form" and also the second button with the same id ,then the form will apear only on the first button and does't work on the other buttons.

    thanks in advance!!!!!!!

  2. I purchased your channel membership. I'm not able to get the source code of this video in here youtube, all links redirecting to patreon you're page. do you want here also needs to pay and patreon too.?

  3. Boa tarde! Ótimos videos. Aonde encontro as imagens para download porque em todos os video que eu vi aqui do canal fala que os arquivos para download estão na descrição do video mas eu nunca acho.

  4. hey man, thank u so much, for this amazing lot of useful.

    but hey my request to you plz give me the link this trio songs, what an amazing was that, especially second one..

    much respect, hope you'll consider friend..✨

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