Top 10 E-Commerce Website Design Trend 2020 | Awesome E-Commerce web design 2020

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We Pleased to share Top E-Commerce Website Design Trend 2020 in this Video. This is a flawless example of e-commerce stores. Here the best ideas of UI/UX Design, as well as product branding, Product User Experience, Unique UI Layout, etc.

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E-Commerce Website Design Trend Resources:

1. Italian Wood:

Italian Wood is selling Luxury Glasses & the perfect combination of UI/UX Design with their creative photography mixture with full-page product slider that feels like a luxury user experience. Website:

2. Nature elixir
Nature Elixir is a complete package of product experience of the website. Starting from the home page, every scrolling gives new user experience of the product as well as category.
In the shop page, gorgeously present typography hover effect, the next step of scrolling signifies the product interaction. An overall a great blend of Website UI/UX design experience. Website:

3. Carbon Beauty
Carbon Beauty E-Commerce store Developed in Shopify Platform & User Interface in Minimalistic design concept. At Home page scroll transition mixture with Typography & banner that more focus on Collection. The overall unique combination of a banner creates product awareness.


4. Wedze Goggles
Wedze is a Minimalist UI Design concept focused on product branding that offers a customized product with 360 Angel Products view & large collection of Goggles. A Wonderful Product appearance with gradient design looks that give a Unique presentation of UI/UX Designing.


5. Helias
Helias is a Shopify based Full Page website, Minimalist UI Design & Water effect Transition gives unique user experience as well as product Experience.
Overall UI/UX experience a great mixture of black, white colour & bright colours in the product that immense more product branding.


6. Headery
Headery is Shopify based e-commerce store of CBD oil, A website Design overview pure product branding clean UI layout. A magnificent way of product highlights through colourful scroll transition that makes a unique user experience. Website:

7. Nest Bloom
Nest bloom is a Beauty Cream Manufacturing company & through different Website Design show product manufacturing process through scroll interaction.
Overall website specification is developed in WordPress based extension WooCommerce, as well as different jQuery for product animation that gives perfect product UI/UX experience. Website:

8. Ever & Ever
Ever & ever developed in Shopify platform & this is a great example of UI Design, here creatively used Blue colour palette, typography, as well as product images. As a User Experience, present small GIFs gives products focus. When you click on Buy Now that nicely opens product over fast transition & experience product details as well as dragging diverse products. Website:

9. 8 the Thalasso
8 the Thalasso is looking professional UI design which used black & white color in the User Interaction. Also scrolling transition in Water Ripple effect with bubble scroll effect, gives a unique user experience.

10. Uruoi
Uruoi is a Cosmetic products store, it’s beautifully UI blend of product photography & cleanliness, & smooth scrolling creates an excellent user experience. Website:

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  1. While all those stores are unique, beautiful and interactive & creative and "new", 95% of the stores mentioned are very uncomfortable to the user, load really slow, don't do what you want them to do, hard to get things done, and simply annoying. All that hard work does not pay off if that's the end result. DON"T build stores like that. Build simple stores that run fast and get things done. In theory alll the above stores are supposed to be intuitive to use but ended up feeling weird and un-natural. Don't get caught up in the design, guys !
    I've visited all the stores on Desktop

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