Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2020 – Every Designer Should Know

Here are Top 10 Web Design Trends that you will see in 2020. We have picked the most popular designs from Dribbble and we predict & assuming these will become trends in the web design industry.


Web Design Trends 2021 –

Web Design Trends & Credits:
1. Super Minimal

2. Immersive 3D Art

3. Micro-Interactions

4. Rise of Isometric

5. Geometric

6. Micro-Animations

7. Illustration

8. Organic/Natural Shapes

9. Large Typography

10. Elegant Colors & Gradients

Thumbnail Vector by Freepik

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  1. Some are easy if video is used but some might need threeJS lol nightmare for developers heaven for users and easy for UI developers

  2. Starting with this silly tune and everything I could see in this video is just pressing my heart in pain. All those "modern", "minimalistic" and so on bullshit that these designers are obsessed about makes the likes of me crave for those quick, light and informative older websites. Remember that iconic website of Yahoo or MSN from the early 2000? These new "designers" deserve to be homeless.

  3. I am working in a software organization and as a developer we use animations but these are on a entire different level i usually read about ui/ux design but in these designs i don't think a simple user will get these designs and he will be confuse as where to click where to navigate etc. Some time our client just gave us design that are not build in our workspace but even they are making simple easy to use for clients not like these complex designs. If this is the future then i am really cant get hold of these animations.

  4. I don't know what's the problem with devs, these designs are what pushes front-end dev to write creative code or develop new methods. Yes, I understand that it would be hard but that's the challenge. That is what will bring new UI possibilities to web, mobile and IoT.

  5. The best part is all the conversions lost from people leaving during the 10 minutes it takes to load all the graphics and js

  6. Hey! I'm a new web designer. I know basic to intermediate level designing. Now I'm facing some problem when I try to work for contest 1) feeling bored 2) design rejected 3) frustrated 4) now I'm slowing losing interest. What should I do now? I want to earn some money to carry my expenses. my fb id

  7. Designer:- I've a prototype ready pls check it out.

    Developer:- Sees it

    Next day Developer be like:- Boss take my resign application pls.

  8. Thank you for sharing this information. The 10 website trends mentioned in the video will make the website more attractive and it will improve the user experience. If you have a website and you want to implement these in your web design then you can contact Nettonic ( which is a website design & development company. They have a team of professionals who can design you website with all the important elements.

  9. don't you think designers should know about coding? wtf is the point of all these stylish but barely functional or readable static designs?

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