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I had a ton of fun exploring these 5 websites. You come to realize, yet again, that emotion, experience and visual storytelling are what separates good/great websites from top-tier websites like the ones showcased in this video.
If you can create something that makes site visitors truly “feel” something, then you should know that you are really onto something special.

If you feel like you’re in a creative rut or believe that you don’t have the capabilities to create something special then I think all you really need to be doing is consuming more of what you find creative and innovative while continuing to practice and hone your skills. Eventually, you will have a bank of creative ideas sitting in your brain and you’ll start to create things that are truly special.

Let me know your thoughts on the websites mentioned in this video!

00:00 Intro
0:42 Fuoripista
3:30 Kikk Festival
5:21 Ferrumpipe
7:35 BlueReceipt
8:58 OneMedical
11:32 Conclusion

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  1. Bynatech is an online store that is part of the Amazon affiliate program. We share links only from verified sellers. This site also has a blog where top lists are published.

  2. The best is easily the best among the list. The main barrier I see with it though is the time it takes for the site to load. It's a lot to load for a website and could deter potential customers.

  3. Hello everyone, Ran. An interesting notice of mine for Fuoripista design.
    Notice that on this page we scroll vertically to change between 4 sections. Notice 4 bullets are in the left-bottom corner that are indicating our state of navigation. These bullets are arranged horizontally. For consistent UX/UI bullets shall be arranged vertically. Vertical bullets layout makes user intuitively/unconsciously orientate in what is happening as they move through the page vertically. Indication of vertical navigation, in this case it is bullets in the left-bottom corner, shall directly and consistently represent vertical navigation itself.

    Such are my observations. I hope it is helpful.
    The rest, general design and style, is nice, in respect to my perspective.

    Let me know what do you think.

  4. Is the mic in this video the same mic listed on your gear recommendations page the blue yeti? It looks different in the video and its the best sounding audio ive ever heard on a video. That seems to be the biggest problem with yt videos the audio sucks on 99 percent. Seriously the best sound i think ive ever heard. Good job.

  5. Hi there Ran! I was so convinced to use Webflow ever since watching a series of videos you talking about it… I would like to ask you if you have any way on how to buy a Webflow account without using a credit card. Please help me. T_T

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