Top 5 Things You MUST DO Before Starting Your Web Design Business!

If you are just gettings started with with owning your own online business with WordPress and web design, than here are some tips that i learned throughout my web design career.

Start An Online Contract:
Create An Amazing Website:

Theres alot to learn in web design, most of it you will learn with trial and error so good luck party people!

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  1. Hey Party People! I am excited to say i will be having a web design course coming next month with some amazing content. Hope you all enjoyed the video, make sure to push the thumbs!

  2. What are the things to be considered while looking for a wordpress development agency in any particular area. If a business is looking to invest in redesigning the website on wordpress it definitely require the experts. I was search for wordpress development agency in Melbourne and landed up on can anyone share a review about this?

  3. Does it always have to be wordpress when it comes to web design? Aren't there any other choices like hand coding the site? But still send a report back to clients? Thank you!

  4. I'm task management system with a client as I build her website. It useful for keeping her informed about the progress of the site, and also what I need from her to build it. But I'm wondering, is it a good idea to use a task management system with clients. I've only built three client sites so far.

  5. I am planning to get myself into web design and all your videos have been really helpful to me for beginners like me. The tutorials are very comprehensive and really easy to understand. I can't wait for what's in store for me and for all your upcoming tutorials. 🙂 More powers to you Darrel! 🙂

  6. hi Darel Wilson i am your uzbek subscriber,recently i have made ecommerce website with you tutorials but i have a little problem with my add to cart button or cart i dont now actually what happend,when i tried adding products to the cart it appear as a added but after a few seconds it disappear at the card please bro help me with that problem i apreciate your help to me with that and i am waiting you response to this comment.Thanks again!

  7. excellent topic! if building websites, particularly as a "freelancer", I am curious as to your thoughts on what to do yourself and what to hire out and how to hire it out. specifically, things like SEO, copyrighting, web developer, and graphic designer. also, as a website is kind of just one piece in an overall marketing strategy for a business, I would be curious to hear your thoughts as to what role a web designer should (or shouldn't try to) play in terms of the overall marketing strategy of a business? thanks!

  8. Hey Darrel, thanks for sharing and your insights. In addition to this, could you also sure tools or plugins you use when designing your clients' websites? I'm not talking about the design plugins like Elementor, or security plugins etc.

    More specifically, management tools. For example – Limiting WordPress backend access and features, whitelabeling and others. I hope you understand what I mean. Much appreciated!

  9. That was really good 👌 you should show a proposal example to get an idea of what to include and how to lay it out

  10. Thanks Darrel, this video helps… and since you asked, definitely we would like to see such tips and advices from you which is very beneficial along with other tutorials you provide.
    Thanks once again.

    Also, can you let us know what is your take on OceanWP theme ? I have been using it for free for my ecommerce website and did not find any issues.

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