Ultimate 30-Day Web Design Challenge

The #1 way of achieving mastery at something is doing it over and over and over again (and then doing it again). Application and practice is the key to mastery.

So, as a change of pace, rather than throw more information at you, I’d like to issue a challenge. A challenge that will actually have a massive impact on your web design skills.

This challenge will not take much of your time and the best part is that it’ll be fun as well, so there are no excuses!

Watch me give it a shot in this video and let me know if you’re up for the challenge in the comments section!

00:00 Intro
00:56 The challenge
2:29 Giving it a shot!
4:30 Explanation

Idea generator:

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Thanks for watching the video!


  1. Awesome! that's really what I need to start diving into web design as a beginner. Challenge Accepted with thanks!

  2. I watched 2 videos of yours which included AI. The first one was making images higher quality, and now this one that can produce taglines… I'm scared but excited about the future 😂

  3. Good spin on working your creativity chops! I just finished an Adobe XD 9 day challenge. So, I'm going to jump in on this now! Thanks for the vid!

  4. Good day flux
    Please what are the tools you use as a web designer
    And did u actually code this site in 30 minutes
    Wow wow

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  6. Love it! Challenge accepted. Can't thank you enough for all the free value you provide. Definitely will be purchasing your courses when I am ready for them 🙂

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