Using Storytelling in Web Design – Monday Masterclass

In this Monday Masterclass, we examine some great examples of sites that manage to nail storytelling in web design.

Using storytelling in your websites, you’ll be able to:

✔︎ Captivate your visitors and increase dwell time
✔︎ Increase your conversions and improve your CTA
✔︎ Offer a more streamlined user experience
✔︎ Tell your client’s story better

The elements of storytelling we are going to cover include the message, emotion, characters, opening scene, story development and call to action. Each element helps with establishing a well-structured website with a clear storyline.

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  1. Really interesting and sow creative – I see Monday Masterclass are all a year old or more, that is sad, it is some of the most informative and interesting videos.
    Do they many continue in 2021 as “ Tuesdays Masterclass”?

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  3. FANTASTIC video. I've been looking to introduce storytelling in my work, portfolio and interview process.

  4. I read and watched a million blog posts and videos about this subject. Yours is the best. Thank you.

  5. For these tutorials, which is best? Simon's presentation style? The content writing? Elementor? My guess is, as usual, the sum is way larger than its parts! What a team!

  6. Most videos go much to fast for a non-native English person, except of Simon's videos! Brilliant as you articulate and clearly pronounce the text. In this way I can immediately follow the video. That is nearly impossible with the videos of Kathy , for example, she goes through her text like a fast train. (not only Kathy!!!). Hats off Simon.

  7. Astonishing example websites! The speaker's tone adjustment while voice telling about how a story is best to be- is a story by itself! Creative and affective. ❤

  8. Thanks for the great Video Ben but can I ask you, we all see things differently, other people may not see it the same way you explained it, we all know people are captured in the first 4 seconds, how do you know when you have got it right

  9. This was awesome! And the way you explained it kept my attention the whole time. Thank you for sharing this!

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