UX/UI BEST PRACTICES FOR WEB DESIGN: Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 12

This is what you need to know about UX UI design to quickly improve as a beginner.
The best tip I can give you is to not make people think. Don’t be original, be obvious. Don’t be witty, be crystal clear.

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Book: Don’t make me think

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  1. I think the clients need to see this because no matter how much you explain that their "taste" in design doesn't lead to a good design they try not to understand

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  3. Hi Sir Ran! I really want to know more about ux/ui design and become one. But I don't have the tools yet like adobe XD and Figma. A total beginner right here: Can I start with using Adobe Illustrator or not? Or at least practice designing with Adobe Illustrator? Thank you!

  4. I am having trouble using prototype ….. It's like when I try to connect from left artboard to the right one is not connecting but when I try to prototype connect from right to left is connecting.What should I do ? In Adobe XD

  5. Apple's website isn't the best example considering how little information is provided and that their font does not even show sharp on Windows because it is Apple proprietary (kind of reminder why you do not want to use Apple products :D)

  6. On the fetch design website, I understand it made sense how he/she did it, I mean its the call to action and doesn't need a button since the info for contact is right there, the email is "a button" But not really, its an email, as soon as you put ".com" on something, it'll act as a link, if anything he should remove the hyperlink so it behaves like the rest, but the issue about a button being different in that case, feels unnecessary, also if it looked like a button or different it would change the aesthetic.

  7. as a ui / ux designer, do you have to literally draw every single frame of website or mobile app you're working on to explain every option user go through??? i am asking this because i tryed it and there is big amount of pages i need to draw and explain so it goes deeper and deeper….also i want to mention that i tryed this on a simple app like send sms message on the phone. I can not image how much frames and options would have some social networks apps ,or some websites,e-markets. How do you deal with it ?

  8. Hey, if I may make a small suggestion is. Cutting a little on the 5k upwards on your audio to take out sibilance. Getting a lot of hiss sounds and it's really sharp.

    Other than that, I'm loving the content!

  9. I apologize if anyone finds this comment out of place.

    Dear all,

    I am collecting Low fidelity (Lo-Fi) sketches of User interfaces for my research. This data will enable us to understand how human sketch #uidesign, as well as enable use-cases like the next-generation #AI tools that can help integrate and represent #aiforall

    Link to the sketch canvas: https://uisketch-lofi.web.app/

    My ambition is to collect representative data, and for that reason please help me reach out far and wide. #uidesigners #uideveloper #uitrends #computerscience #uiuxinspiration #uxdesigner #machinelearning #rwthaachen

  10. Poor UI and UX design should be illegal. They are an assault on our senses and represent human anti-achievement. (I am diligently taking notes to make sure I don’t produce work that might one day fall into this category).

  11. I'm just looking for some step by step design practical for some websites like iPhone, but from videos 1 you only speaking and showing good and bad, it's more like a theoretical section.

  12. Hey, when talking about the „touchability“ of buttons you briefly touched the topic of affordance. I lateley habe been wondering a lot about how to combine affordance with a „modern“ aesthetic – especially since the prime examples for good affordance often remind me of the skeuomorphic design that eg Apple made use of in the early versions of iOS. I would love to have a video of you diving into that topic 😊 Thx and greetings from Germany!

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