Web Design: How to Get Started in 2019 (+ Resources)

Learn how to design high-value websites:

Resources mentioned:

Learn how to build Custom designed websites with Webflow:


Gear & Book Recommendations:


  1. This is one of the BEST videos I’ve seen on how to not feel so lost on getting started. To literally just start, not knowing where to begin. So THANK YOU FOR THIS! Starting from the very bottom and having a little road map toward the right direction, this was helpful

  2. You are so knowledgeable! Thank you for making these videos, super helpful and informative. So many you tubers have a ton of useless chit chat in their videos but yours are straight to the point and I love it 😉

  3. Thanks a lot for this… So I have a couple of questions
    1: how to get to you article?
    2: the website where I can get the designs to use, I didn't really get the name so help me with that thanks
    3: where can I get the books you mentioned please?

  4. so whats the difference between a web designer an a front end developer? or is it the same thing? i'm sorry if that's a dumb question

  5. Hi im 14 and was thinking Web design as a possible future career, i have been working with webflow to get a headstart, but i was wondering if this is the best software and if i am using it to the max of its capability, thank you

  6. Do I need to learn HTML 5 + CSS and JavaScript to design websites? Or does Webflow and Loom take care of that?

  7. is it just me or i never see the option of opening it up in webflow? is it a lite or professional plan perk?

  8. I think one thing that has not yet been taken in to account with modern websites, is that everything is very big, which can be overwhelming and hard to take in. If you are viewing such sites on mobile, buttons are always accidentally hit, because they are so big (for example, deviantart Eclipse…) I think web designers should think about making things smaller and therefor more easily readable rather than super big/sleek, even if it "looks" good, but is not as functional as it should be. It has gotten to the point that "sleek" immediately turns me off, because I know it will not be functional. If it feels like Wix, it's usually garbage.

  9. It seems something I am interested but my biggest fear in the industry is that I don't have any background in design ( I have legal background) and I am afraid not being able to find work.

  10. You can usually get things done for cheap and great quality on Fiverr. Start at 5$ with many gigs to choose from
    Here's an example gig for Web Design: https://bit. ly/3ga7v3U
    I've personally used Fiverr; they always deliver good quality and fast!
    Check it out! 🙂

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