Web Design In Adobe XD | How To Make Website UI Design Using Adobe XD

Web Design In Adobe XD | How To Make Website UI Design Using Adobe XD

In this video you will learn to design a latest website User Interface (Website UI design) With Adobe XD. Subscribe channel to watch more videos on UI design and UX design.

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Designed by: Dibas Sarkar

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  1. can you tell me where you got the icons of facebook, youtube, tweeter?. I want to use it but don't know how to find it!! Thanks

  2. How beautiful it was, I have a question, how do you make the design have animation and work like a web page? I would appreciate if you answer 😮😮😮😮🤩✨

  3. ok, what next? I am looking for a guide on how to turn this presentation into a website. is it possible? What is the purpose of this program? Phone apps only? That kind of picture I can make in Ps as well…

  4. You hava a great designing sense..💯🔥
    But your aproach of making videos is not good.
    1.We nee explanation. Otherwise your videos are worthless.please make a quality totorials with ur great designing skill.
    2.avoid bgm. Its not a video game.its a tutorial.
    Please consider it as a request🙂🙏

  5. I am relatively new to ux and ui design. Can someone please explain how you're supposed to apply that design to a webpage and create your webpage with that design .Like once im done creating the ui design how do i create a website with it ? PLEASE HELP

  6. Hi, Could you please add a description about the design concept and the overall user experience and how it should work. Thanks so much great work overall.

  7. If I write code for this in html and css it will take around 4 hrs for me to write……but writing in HTML and CSS is awesome

  8. Many of us know the xd functions, even coding, but only a creative and innovative mind can only design like this stuffs,
    Awesome design, Awesome Video, Awesome Content

  9. This video is so fast..if we can't see click function how can we learn those?please fix it…
    Thank you so much..

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