Web Design Inspiration: 5 BEST WEBSITES JULY 2020

A roundup of the best websites for July 2020.

Today I bring you some of my favourite web design inspiration for this month and my thoughts on what makes these websites so incredible.

There’s something to be learned from the best website design in the world. So, not only are we going to enjoyably feast our eyes on these absolute masterpieces, but I’m also going to share with you the exact concepts they are using so that you can apply these concepts to your work and take your skills to the next level.

Sit back and enjoy all kinds of stellar page load interactions, efficient hierarchy, outstanding use of color, and more.

Websites mentioned:
00:00 Intro
00:44 ITI
4:12 WakaWaka
6:02 Avec
8:26 Sealco
10:34 Sweetpunk

Which website is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. The first website skipped the whole UX process, it looks nice but there's little usability and the logo is weak; however, the other websites are sleek.

  2. SealCo website is a very over-done style. Very cookie-cutter solution from a designer only concerned with style trends. They probably spend 8 hours a day on TypeWolf and Dribble, but no time learning about their clients and their needs.

  3. My question is: where do u find these websites all them?
    Could u please tell me where I can find them

  4. ITI: Nobody wants to see your pointless animations. Just give me the information i need in a design that's easy to read, understand and navigate.

    Waka: It's an abomination. Looking at this website hurts as much as sitting in their chairs.

    AVEC: Instantly makes me think of a cheap tourist trap restaurant in turkey, not a good first impression.

    Sealco: Not as offensive as the other websites, but stretching the layout over the full width of the screen is very disorienting on desktop.

    Sweetpunk: Works for getting their image across, takes a lot of CPU power though.

  5. Ron.. what are you using to showcase these websites in your videos in such a clean way? I see you’re able to show them with your own graphics around them as well as switch to a mobile layout easily. When I first saw it, I thought you were using screenshots but I see you’re actually interacting with the sites in real time on the video. I would love to know the tool(s) you’re using to present these sites on your video. Thanks in advance.

  6. As a developer : please don't say loading content the user hasn't asked for is cool. It's not. It's misuse of bandwidth and not respecting the users choices. And it will probably be forbidden to preload videos in webbrowsers at some point if designers don't learn restraint. Like it is now forbidden to autoplay if your video is not muted. Don't make designs that will be eventually mutilated because the user isn't in charge.

  7. How do you keep website loading times to a minimum with these animations and super high res photos everywhere? Or is longer loading time's in some way better to show off a cool feature like on ITI? Coming from an Ecom/ facebook ads background it's always been the faster the website the better

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