Web Design Prices Revealed

No more talking vaguely about price – let me show you what actual people are charging for web design and branding.

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  1. I think that you said it best Ran. It depends on the person and their work or agency and their reputation. When I was a freelancer my average project started at 10k. The highest project I sold was for 220k for design of their website + their app onboarding flow and development.. For those in the comments that say that these are very rare projects, it's that type of thinking that will keep you in the -5k projects. The thing is that yes, most people would rather spend less money do do more. But if they understand business, then they will understand that it takes real money to make money. If they find that you as the service provider can do the work and deliver with certainty, they will pay what your rate is because it's more expensive to do it wrong with a cheap option, than to pay extra and get a great product in return. It really does take a person that understands the value that we do as web designers to sell it though. We need to sell outcomes and not just websites. Hope this helps.

  2. LOL these are "too big for your pants" agencies, REAL LOCAL web design ranges from simple page: 200 usd to 800us ecommerce.
    if a local agency is charging you more, you are being ripped off, just hire a freelancer and say what your budget is

  3. I've been working as a Web Developer/Designer in our Company for almost 2 years now. My role is from scratch to finish (from research to development) and the only programmer.
    Seeing this makes me want to kill myself as I am paid less than $3,000/yr 🙂

  4. The project scope in the offers is unfortunately completely unconsidered. Therefore, even the $3,500 offer could be too expensive and the $45,000 offer too cheap.

    It would have been more interesting to compare daily rates.

  5. As someone who's done website for 20+ years, I think folks coming to this video want to see what to charge for a website when branding, etc. is already in place. However, and depending on your cost of living, I'm seeing a lot of folks commenting they are aiming for $2500 as a goal per site – that is on target when your clients are small business and not someone in the top floor of a high rise in New York.

  6. Because I've been so scared of charging a lot of money for my websites that included branding, website development with WP, site maintenance, social media content creation p/m, video editing, etc. For maintenanace my agency (2 people) charges $100, we have three web creation prices $240 for basic, $300 for 7 pages max, $360 for e-commerce with 10 pages. After watching this video I now realise how much I've been undercharging ourselves. And the clients also make it difficult for us when it's time for payment. Advice?

  7. The agency i work at generally doesn't take on work that's under £20k, with most 'web builds' being around £60k-150k and usually pricing is based on an estimated time rather than fixed cost. We still work basically in a waterfall approach – which is easier to cost roughly up front but I think hurts the general build and outcomes. In terms of clients we don't deal with huge companies, but quite often well established ones in charity, healthcare & legal sectors. Personally I think we charge too much as a daily rate, the time we have on any of these projects is often very rushed and as a consequence I don't really think we deliver good value for money. Saying that most clients seem to be happy enough though.

    But web design is a fairly vague term. Is it a full new build, adapting an existing site, creating new elements or just a styling refresh. How visually & technically complex is the site? How much content is on the site? What dependencies will it need? Then also licensing cost, CMS costs , Hosting costs etc. Then there is how many stages will be required in producing it? and are you also supporting it after the initial 'launch'.

  8. Being from a 3rd world, these are prices we can only dream of. If you charge over $500 you better have a really good plan for striking the top of the market clients who btw did I mention its a 3rd wold? so corruption is super high a big company will have officials that'll right out the box just hire a family member or close friend so unless you're that, its super tuff to break in.

    Might try to up my charges but idk how that'll go. The most I've made was $120 from a project with exactly 8 pages. Did it within WordPress, they had the logo already or that would have been an extra $5 lol but yea that's what prices are like around here. Cant blame people that take the chance to outsource labor from here cause there's skill and ambition but the market just doesn't care about all that.

  9. Those prices are ridiculous to be honest 😀 Try charging this much in Europe. Sure startups in California will probably waste this amount of cash when they could just make those pages themselves. California is just full of hipsters.

  10. This is for development work, so not really doing much design, sometimes being a bit creative, but not much.

    Normally, around £45 an hour, do sometimes do set rates, but a majority of work is "shit this needs fixing asap"

  11. Recently, I heard a good Jewish joke apropos when we discussing prices. "Moshe, where did you get such a nice watch. Answer: My father sold me when he was dying."

  12. The company that I work for charge as little as 600 euros for a full website. I personally develop a website from 0 in about two days.
    My company is like a website factory and my colleagues are factory worker. Creativity is not a thing

  13. There is the web design and then there is the content or assets that must be produced to complete the site. Often, the client does not have the assets. So the price goes up considerably because as a designer you also must create the assets or hire someone to do those parts as well.

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