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Web Design Pricing

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In this video:

I break down my thoughts on why some people can consistently sell websites at $5,000 -$10,000 (or much more) while other people struggle to ever sell websites over $100.


Often getting a large website project deal is NOT about how much pages, how fancy the code, how long it took – it is REALLY about what the website does for the business.

Business owners want a website for what it can do for their business – not how it looks on the surface. They are looking for what it does, what it helps them with, what it can help solve, what problems it can remove etc.

Hope this video helps and hit me up in the comments if you got questions or requests for future videos.

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  1. Buy complete amazon affiliate multi vendor website here product listening+900 and 20+ blog ,review first and give me offer (andy-collection)sell at good offer

  2. Summary of the video:
    The cheap ("$100") web designs services just focus the website's look and often use a quick theme to make it.
    The expensive ("10000") websites offer more than just a look, they target bigger businesses, with larger needs, and help them get the tools (or leads) to grow.

  3. So here's my question. I'm already sorry for any grammatic mistakes but I am learning to create what is trending nowadays like ithose you see when you go to websites like beehance and lapa.ninja. I've also tried using many calculators but they seem to calculate a very huge price like 25K$ which I honestly think is overselling my talent. How much should a person like me charge for such level of design also taking care of the user experience, accessibility, A/B testing and other factors? Would it be at the thousands level or hundreds?

  4. Great vid as always Rob, agree that this bigger picture 'problem solver'/business improver approach will bring in the bigger clients than a 'web designer'.

    Thinking about your £10k projects, do you market your services to them as 'Fox Web School' and leverage the authority in the subject that commands, or do you sell your web services as another business/or as 'Rob O'Rourke' the individual?


  5. Great video. The more I watch your videos the more I realize it's all about how my (limiting) mindset got me stuck in the lower priced website category instead of the higher one. Thanks for this insight!

  6. Would love if you can answer my question, I got scammed 2 days ago by web for 99 website, he created my website on wordpress and later changed all my admin info after getting paid, now I am at a lost because I contacted wordpress rep and they are telling it will cost me more than a thousand dollars to restore my site. What should I do? Is there another way?
    Awaits ur response

  7. Thanks for sharing ☺️.
    In my opinion it's,
    Websites vs Web Applications.
    Costly could also means custom branding, good server, scalability, site security, integrations, or some custom functionality. A business could start cheap but they will soon realise cheap is not what differentiate them from their competitors and at some point they need to upgrade.

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