Web Design Process–Finding Inspiration for Personal Website: Built By Hand Ep 2

In this second episode of Built By Hand, Ben’s mission is to do creative research for his personal website. He’ll be collecting references and resources from other designer’s work with a two-part goal: to get inspired and figure out the visual direction for his website. Does the process of research and inspiration that he’s refined over the past decade apply to a personal website? Do the same tactics work? How hard is it to find inspiration for your personal brand if you’re better at creating from a position of empathy.

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Host: Chris Do
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  1. Very valuable content! Thank you 🙂 I've made constant research a habit, but I'm bad at organizing my archives. Any ideas anybody?

  2. I can’t take my 👁 off that framed character on your wall! Can you make a video about his, her or it’s story, please?

  3. Hi everyone, how can I follow up on that project Hrvoje Grubisic talks about in the video?

    Does someone know if it's already done and if you can use it?

    Thanks mil

  4. For inspiration i always take a look at the book "History of Graphic Gesign" by Philip Meggs. Many examples of book, type and poster design from all centuries and places.

  5. What an great video and I have enjoyed discovering The Futur several weeks ago and I am addicted to it now! This process and the struggles I am the business & marketing strategist. Sales and consulting and contracted with small agencies and i love to get involved
    With the process as the front line and to relay back to my creative team as well as understand what goes into it all and the levels of design. I am always thinking seo and call to action as well as good user experience. This is Terrific and allows me to bring out my creative

  6. Can I just say I pressed the liked button and 10 seconds later the "like this video" montage started. 😀 Really enjoying and learning from this series. I've probably made 3-4 mock ups in the past 6 years. Coded one of them too only to put it on hold because it just didn't feel right. Also, used to feel like an imposter lol. Making this my motivation now. Thank you Ben and The Futur.

  7. I keep coming back to this video. I wish you guys could put time stamps on some of your series. Anyway, just here to say that I love the way you share, it's really inspiring!

  8. Hi,

    Whenever you create stylescapes so you find images with same pattern or you create it with first draft design and presentable mocks?

    You don't think stylescapes takes more time for create. Like presenting different ideas for 1 client with aready alot of effort made?

  9. I've been watching this in July, and I've noticed this particular video came out on my birthday! Such a wonderful and unexpected gift. Thank you for sharing your process, and delivering it in such an inspiring presentation. Keep up the good work!

  10. Someone who does constant research and curation in a fun way is Aaron Draplin. He finds the coolest little bits of logo design and graphic design by hitting up yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales. He even takes road trips for the purpose. I started doing this, and found this method can be so much fun and really mix it up a bit–it gets you away from the computer and out of the house. It also makes for a cool activity when you visit a new city or go on vacation.

  11. I love how the application of the processes mentioned is not only limited to personal website design or website design, it can be applied to every project. Quality of a good content. 🙌 thank you the futur and Mr.Burns.

  12. the thing that speaks the most on the moodboards is the use of dark colors and im not sure why ben never referred to that

  13. Thanks for going through each step and being super authentic at the same time! I love all the videos!

  14. I've also put a hold on my own personal website for similar reasons so it's nice to see I'm not alone in this struggle.

  15. Thanks for posting. Love how you break down the process. I happen to be working on my new site and it’s been mind wrenching difficult!

  16. When i make boombap beats i use piano tutorials for reference but inspiration from watching actual pianist like Jesus Molina or Oscar Peterson.

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