Web Design Trends 2021

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Find out the Web Design trends we’re predicting for 2021 in our video roundup or blog:

Intro (0:00)
1. Dark Mode (0:52)
2. Collage & Mixing Mediums (2:09)
3. Anti-Design (3:14)
4. Minimalism (4:26)
5. Organic Design (5:45)
6. Illustration (6:55)
7. Functionality, Inclusivity & Accessibility (8:08)
8. Motion & Interactivity (9:30)
9. 3D & Geometric Design (10:21)
10. WordPress Page Builders & Template Kits (11:28)

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Uppercase by codesupplyco

Brynn by Elated-Themes

★ Graphic Design Trends

Breton by Edge-themes

★ UX/UI Design Trends

Vava by pimmey

★ Photography Trends

★ Typography Trends

Naturely by anarieldesignx

★ Organic Graphic Design Trends

Siena by deTheme

★ Illustration Trends

Product Designer by King-Theme

Voicer by merkulove

Lottie Animation for Elementor by merkulove

10 Light Phone Mockups by MotionMediaGroup

★ Retro Design Trends

WP Bakery

Reformoa by kaththeme

★ Template Kits

★ 10 Best Elementor Template Kits

Stomp and Clap Commercial by LoopsLab

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  1. Awesome highlights! I got excited about the WP themes as thought they were downloadable w our Envato Elements subscription but saw Elated Themes and those are the most expensive on Themeforesf, darn

  2. I would love to see videos of creating database or aggregating information from the web or other sources

  3. ok. so. What is the best approach to designing a product or a web application ?
    a) Base on knowledge
    b) Gather data from users
    c) brain storm ideas
    d) Systematic thinking.

  4. Oh man, I hope, that Dark-Mode will be adapted on every website. When it is just slightly dimm my eyes start hurting after looking on a white website for a while.

  5. Anti-design is like that kid in school who thinks he's super cool but unfortunately, he's the only one who thinks that.

  6. Thank you! You took something complex and made it simple. Thanks for providing this great video, I really like your way of explaining each and every point.

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