WEBSITE CONTENT STRUCTURE: Free Web Design Course 2020 | Episode 11

How to structure website content.

Many of you have asked me how do I structure my website or how many pages should a website have.

In this new episode of the Free Web Design Course 2020, let’s see the optimal structure of a website and how to present the content ON a website.

· Intro 0:19
· Step 1: Understand the website’s goals 0:46
· Step 2: List all the content to achieve the goals 2:10
· Step 3: Organise content for it to make sense 3:41

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  1. So, here is what I heard… "What should you say on a website?" "Completely depends on what your client wants to say on the website!" Brilliant.

  2. I'm struggling with "how to structure a big amount of information", as for exemple a "large" list of services, with tittle, description and pricing. Most of webs show 3 products with logos or pricing tables and looks great, but not with 8 detailed services.

  3. Love all you're stuff man. I'm recommending to my online community right now. Thank you for all content bro.

  4. Does somebody believe the internet needs a content and user generated content policy based on morals and ethics?

  5. Wow, this video covers all I need to know and learn more before doing actual design in one place. Thank you so much for this. I am going to complete all the videos in the series.

  6. Good! I suggest to give us some example of good websites based on business Category, Like fashion or medical or sport brands

  7. Hey Ran, great course! Question from me:

    I don't want to write content for the client website. What advice to clients, how to direct them to bring me good quality content for their site? Should I send them to fiverr etc? Or maybe a better way will be when I find the right freelancer, who will prepare it for me?

  8. You are really helping people like me. This is my first comment but I watched so many videos since 2019. Thank you so much

  9. Great idea, thank you. It's really good to sort things out beforehand and make everything well structured before you get to more complex things.

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