Website Design: How Much to Charge for a Web Design ?

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How much does a website design cost and how much should you charge your client as a web designer for a website?

Should you charge an hourly fee, a package price, or a monthly fee? If you want to become a website designer or hire one, you’ll want to watch this video where I explain my price points at A Nerd’s World.

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  1. I appreciate you for sharing and being transparent in your explanations. I’m am in process of starting a web design company and these are the types of details that I need to ensure I have a static pricing plan for starting up.

  2. Man.. I was undercharging all this time!!!
    I'm making great value websites and thought 900 dollars was a lot for small business owners…Thank you so much for this enlightenment Chris!

    It's Money Time!!!!!

  3. Dude, you are such a rock star. I am amazed with how generous you are with the information you share and your willingness to help people like me who probably offer no financial ROI to you. I want to build something similar to what you have done and I am so grateful for the inspiration you have given me. If there's ever anything I can do for you, Chris, please do not hesitate to let me know. Many, many thanks.

  4. do the client pay for the wordpress theme/template separately upfront or I as a developer purchase it with my money and include it in final budget?

  5. Does the customer pay for hosting, domain? if they do, how do you explain the hosting fee for a client that doesn't know anything about domain hosting, etc
    Also when does the customer pay? before or after the work? Thanks a lot, I've been digging in your content recently 🙂

  6. What if the plugin requires yearly pay like some WooCommerce do? Do you make your clients register through those websites and let them make the payment?

  7. I am planning on designing a WP site for a restaurant. This info has helped a lot! However, on top of that site, I am also going to have to design an online ordering site for the restaurant in Square/Weebly. Weebly syncs with Square POS and as easy as it may sound to just sync it over, it is going to take a decent amount of work to make it function properly. I will have to take all the existing items in Square, change around some food modifiers that are online specific, probably make changes in the POS too; so it is rather involved, if you ask me. Side Note: Weebly has to be used for the online ordering side of the site, otherwise customers will not be able to use square gift cards, loyalty rewards, etc– unless you know of another way. Either way, I am not quite sure how to charge for that ON TOP of charging for the WP site. I also work for said company, so my rates are probably going to be a bit lower than what others may charge. However, I still think I should be paid what is deserved– if that makes sense! Thanks so much

  8. i will follow your foot steps, and if I get successful then i will come to Toronto and will take you for a coffee .DEAL ?

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