Website Design: How We Designed A Painter's Brand New Website

In order to properly market your painting company, you need a well designed website. You may have updated your site 4 or 5 years ago, but appropriate style has changed greatly in that window of time.

One major style choice that has been largely abandoned is having a narrow layout with a static image in the background. This was common around 2015, though it has been largely replaced by wider designs. Is this sounds familiar, it may be time to look into updating your painting website.

Another common mistake for websites is to highlight anything that will direct visitors away from the website. Whether it is an accolade or social media, You do not want to create any distractions for your potential customers. Social media is best reserved for the bottom of the website. If people want to find it, they will look for it.

For painters specifically, it can be very hard to market yourself visually. You will find that prioritizing an appeal to emotion will work much more in your favor. Take your potential clients through the process of working with you, show empathy for their potential situations, these are the things that will bring more people in.

Don’t forget to include trust factors on your site. Reviews are one of the most powerful tools in sales and can make or break any deal. Determine your most powerful trust factors you have acquired in your work experience and make sure they are seen!

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