1. Maybe I'm a couple years late for this but the office sneak peak videos you produced (at least the couple I found) are excellent and I wish you did more of these! It is nice to have an inside look into the workings of a company, thank you!

  2. I am so grateful for your transparency… I am (slowly) getting ready to launch my own company and this is such great motivation. Thank you!

  3. Chris, this is so fun to watch. I hope you keep making this kind of video. Love it. Gain alot of insight πŸ˜πŸ‘

  4. hobbe_hacks* on instagram is highly recommended for you, he did mine and I am getting 100 sales daily and clients keeps coming.

  5. hobbe_hacks* on instagram is highly recommended for you, he did mine and I am getting 100 sales daily and clients keeps coming.

  6. true day to day behind the scenes video is very inspiring. So curious about where you are taking me on your days journey. Way to keep it real Chris!

  7. Awesome vlog Chris, these kinds of content excites me as they are inspiring and I'd most def love to see more of this.

  8. Man, that's wassup, this is my passion as well, been at it for 5 years now I feel so confident for 2020. I redesigned my logo now I am redesigning my site. I will probably send it to you for review. I always want to get better. Very inspirational

  9. 19:32 interesting… you are talking about you you you. I think a client just wants to know what they will pay and what they will get. I think prospects already know you are the shit.

    I think it's great that you are sharing your entrepreneur journey with us. You deserve your own videographer ! Like Gary Vee… That would be super cool. Cheers!

  10. this was the first master mind that i have ever been to and i now know that i have be doing this all wrong and i now have a small blue print of how to run my graphics design company and my affiliate marketing company mind blown eyes open cant wait for the next video keep them coming is it possible to video chat when your not to buzy i just have a few questions

  11. I love it! I can tell not only you put alot into your work days, but maybe even more work into producing this movie! Well done brother!

  12. This stuff right here is gold and just inspiring for not just new entrepreneurs but for all who run a business. I love it.. so thank you and your team. For opening up for the real world.

  13. Really cool video! Loved the part where you explained the weird high traffic before you were hired and loved when you were taking us through your process of improving the conversion of your website. Still the best videos of that kind on YT

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