Website Design | Top 10 Mistakes & Their Solutions

Ever wonder if you’re doing something wrong? In this video I show you The Top 10 Website Design Mistakes and Their Solutions. Hope you guys enjoy it and can apply these solutions to enhance your own websites!

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  1. I stumbled upon one of your videos on wordpress tutorial, honestly it expossed me to all i needed to know. thank you. I really need your support with my web development career and how to get a online job.

  2. Leading is actually pronounced "ledding" as in lead plates (in various thicknesses) that were added between hand set lettering for newspapers back in the day. Can you imaging having to do this manually?

  3. The thing about designing website nowadays is that u may have a good looking design on PC but on mobile all sites will look the same. And since the major bulk of visitors are using mobile the design of good looking sites is getting less important nowadays.

  4. I should have gone to bed several hours ago but I have been binge watching your videos, they’re fantastic; thank you so much! Quick question re logos being best placed to the left of the website. Does this also apply if making the logo the header (i.e the large horizontal image that goes across the top of a website)? Thanks

  5. Technical question for building WordPress websites: How do I know my website is not too heavy ? How do I know whether this should be a concern? How Could you make a video about minimizing the weight of the website while optimizing the amount of file uploads ? (images /videos for a portfolio for instance). Also, what if my plugins represent 50% of my WordPress website? Is this normal?

  6. Do web developers need to write the content of the webpages for their clients or clients usually provide the content and developers work on that ? I just subscribed, how about a cat finds a cozy blanket to keep warm?😄

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