Website Design Using HTML,CSS & JS | Landing Page Design | Smooth Scroll Animation | Slick Slider

Hello friends, In this video I’m creating website homepage design using html,css and js with smooth scroll effect, scroll based animation, slick slider, rolly js is smooth scrolling effect, aos is scroll based animation.


0:08 – Preview(Landing Page Design)
4:04 – Header style using css flex property
6:14 – Button style hover effect, css before selector
10:52 – Transparent gradient border style using css linear gradient
17:47 – Slick slider html structure
18:33 – Call/Init slick slider
19:04 – Copy jquery,slick slider link
20:42 – Slick slider arrow style
25:16 – Show image on hover
30:36 – Start smooth scrolling effect using rolly js
31:50 – Call/Init rolly js
33:17 – Start scroll base animation using aos js(Animate on scroll)
34:00 – Call/Init aos js
34:25 – Set data attribute for each div/block

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  1. Wow, man, I think this is good. the design is good and I there's something to learn. I followed your coding and it worked. Want to pay you 3 bucks on patreon, it looks like it will be charged / transferred on 1st next month.

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